Me 262 A-1/U4 Pulkzerstorer
Aircraft Data
Nation Germany
Classification Jet Fighter
Era V
Economic Data
Research Needed 320000
Purchase Price 780000
Training Price 220000
Aircraft Progression
Previous Me 410 B-2/U4
Next in Series None
Next in Tree None

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  • Maximum Speed: 815 km/h
  • Maximum Altitude: 12500 m
  • Turn Time: 29.9 s
  • Rate of Climb: 14.8 m/s
  • Takeoff Run: 715 m


Primary Weapons

  • 50 mm mk.214.a cannon x1 (ammo: 32)

Secondary Weapons

Defensive Armament

Utilization and TacticsEdit

Piloting the AircraftEdit

this version of the me 262 is made to kill bombers with its powerfull 50mm cannon. this calliber can destroy a bomber with just 1 shot, but it is inneffective for attacking or defensing because of its very low rate of fire and low ammo. its pure to climb, catch up the bombers, getting the aim steady and kill, no more

Flying AgainstEdit

its mostly designed to kill b17's, but will be effective against any slow manouvering bomber, just stay away from other jets or even fast props..

Variant ModelsEdit

Model 1Edit

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Model 2Edit

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Operational HistoryEdit

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